Interprogramme Synergies

Strategic Alliances in the Forefront of Circular Economy

MED Interreg InterProgramme Synergies: Integrated, Horizontal and Modular Projects. The Role of PANORAMED.

Moderator: Dr Eleni Hatziyanni, Director of Environment and Spatial Planning, Region of Crete, Greece

A debate among representatives of Interreg MED Integrated, Horizontal and Modular Projects, highlighting the synergies among European, national and regional strategies, in the forefront of circular economy. Under the scope of insularity, thematic priorities of Blue Growth coming into projects will be tackled, in the framework of multilevel governance, local peculiarities and interregional cooperation within projects’ consortiums. PANORAMED MED Interreg “Mediterranean Governance Platform”, and its strategic goals, will be also presented, as by contributing to the active involvement of European, National and Regional Authorities in relevant long term Mediterranean Policies and Strategies.

The discussion will engage key interventions from the audience, corresponding to the parts of the quadruple helix (academia-public authorities-SMEs-citizens), as crucial key players for the maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean Islands, for implementing new, innovative projects and products in the MED area with a circular economy vision and addressing the insularity.