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GIUNKO SRL, Italy (more info at

Giunko is a technological start-up, active in the clean-tech sector. Its main product is “Junker”, a fully innovative cloud service, accessible via app mobile, which identifies products and gives geolocalized info on packaging and correct waste disposal for each product. Read more..

It is a high-quality database (1.5 million entries) capable of listing consumer products through their barcodes - the first in Europe focused on data regarding product packaging: materials, environmental sustainability, and disposal criteria. “Junker”, makes separate waste collection a simple and quick operation, promoting the culture of recycling and encouraging citizens to share their knowledge.

It serves 6 million citizens all over Italy, with a community of 500,000 users. It is an important reference point providing information on circular economy, able to open a bidirectional and profitable communication channels between citizens and public administrations.

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Staer Sistemi is an engineering and R&D company specialized in Supervision Control Systems and SCADA & IoT. Staer Sistemi is aimed to provide design of HW & SW solutions Engineering and Consultancy Services in order to supply effective Turn Key Solutions and Products. Read more..

MKII is a software platform, widely used in Network Management, Energy Management and Building Management applications, which provides data acquisition and control, alarm management, data correlation and analysis and historical analysis. The MKII system includes several application modules for specialized O&M activities, like Workforce Management, Network Inventory and Business Logic and supports connectors to external systems like ERP, Trouble Ticket and Asset Management.

IoT tWatch
TWatch is a family of smart and innovative IoT products dedicated to tower companies like Telco and energy. tWatch can implement a solution for monitoring the structural integrity of towers

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LUMI'IN, France

LUMI'IN, France (more info at

LUMI'IN designs, assembles and delivers connected, autonomous and hybrid solar lighting systems. As a pioneer company on the solar public street lighting market, LUMI'IN offers real alternatives to classic street lighting by supplying cleaner, cheaper-to-use and smarter streetlights. Read more..

This smartlight revolution is similar to the transition from classic phones to multitasking smartphones!

LUMI’IN smart solar streetlights can be interconnected and can supply energy to any IOT application in cities or off-grid sites to prevent people from natural disasters: meteorologic sensors (flood, fire sensors...), cameras, anti-mosquito system, Wifi -4G extender, car paking sensors etc. LUMI’IN also proposes smartgrid solutions with solar systems connected to the grid in order to reduce the electricity bill, the energy consumption and pollution.

LUMI'IN streetlights can work as a big lighting ant colony and become the sentries of the smart cities for a brighter future!

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GRUP SOLUCIONS MANRESA, S.L.P.U., Spain (more info at

The company is dealing with engineering projects related to landfill, restoration of areas and remediation of environmental impacts. It is also related with livestock waste treatment systems.

ENEL X, Italy

ENEL X, Italy (more info at

Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector. Shifting the paradigm, Enel X helps customers use technology to transform energy into new opportunities, so they can thrive and drive progress, across the world. We are a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. We use smart, simple and fast technologies to help our customers discover a new way of using energy, all over the world.

Biosolids, Greece

Biosolids, Greece (more info at

Biosolids S.A. was founded in 2012 based on four interlinked axes: the institutional framework, environmental protection, social prosperity and economic development. Its purpose is the rational management of waste and biomass with a view to protecting the environment and sustainable development. Read more..

Its object is the production of soil improvers through the composting of biomass and solid waste, i.e. through a natural process in which organic materials are transformed into a rich dark matter called compost or soil improvers.

The headquarters of the company are located in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, while the production unit in Skydra, Pella. The production facility is located on a plot of 24,704.0 m2 and has a capacity of 22,000 tonnes per year to receive incoming non-hazardous solid waste and operates throughout the year.

The plant is designed as an open composting system, where composting is made in elongated heaps in open spaces with sealed flooring. BIOSOLIDS SA is the solution to the waste disposal problem by offering organic waste management services, of high quality, in full compliance with the applicable Greek and European legislation and above all with the lowest environmental burden and low environmental footprint.

The innovation of BIOSOLIDS is that it offers a solution to the problem of industrial waste legal disposal, the rational use of disposal of organic crop residues, the disposal of municipal waste (slurry, sludge, etc.) and organic waste from the industry as it can receive in its licensed installation for composting waste from agriculture, horticulture, forestry crop residues. BioSolids' activity has been developed by the need for a sound and rational disposal of organic waste but also economically viable management, which is now an absolute priority for citizens, industry and local authorities.

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LAGADAS Biogas, Greece

LAGADAS Biogas, Greece (more info at

The Greek company Biogas Lagada SA owns a 1 MWel biogas plant, which produces heat and electrical energy from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural, industrial waste and additional from some minor quantities of energy crops. Read more..

The plant is located in an area of almost 19.000 sq.m., in northern Greece, near the village of Kolchiko and 20 km east from the city of Thessaloniki. The construction works for the biogas plant started in April 2016 and since October 2016 the plant is fully working.

In 2017 the plant used 70.000 tn. of cow manure, 5.000 tn. of poultry manure, 1.000 tn. of pig manure, 6.000 tn. of cheese whey and 2.000 of liquid olive mill waste as input materials. The above quantities of agricultural and industrial waste made up over 90 % of the total plant feedstock that year.

The digestate of the procedure is used as organic fertilizer for the surrounding cultivated fields or is separated alternatively and the dry part is sold as dry organic fertilizer.

Since most of the plant owners are farmers which are cultivating their own fields to produce their own animal food, the practices of the company are an outstanding example of bio-circular economy. This is because cows are fed by own produced food, which was cultivated using the biogas plant’s digestate as fertilizer and those cows also produce most of the biogas plant’s feedstock. Additionally, some small quantities of the above cultivated crops are being used also as input material for the biogas plant.

Finally, the plant produces annually over 8,5 GWh of 100 % renewable electrical energy and contributes with annually emission savings of 500 t of CO2 to the environmental protection.

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SYCHEM – Technical Bioenergy Crete, Greece

SYCHEM – Technical Bioenergy Crete, Greece (more info at

Sychem is a fast growing engineering company which designs, manufactures and operates both water treatment plants and geothermal energy systems. Its water treatment systems utilize several methods of water filtration that create high quality water suitable for industrial and commercial use. These effective water treatment solutions based on membrane technology reduce energy costs and provide supreme performance. Read more..

The company’s geothermal solutions use sea and ground water to provide cooling and heating. In both systems, the advanced engineering design eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs and modernize system-wide efficiency for clients that include oil refineries and power plants. Since its foundation in 2002, Sychem has implemented over 100 projects across Greece, Africa and the Middle East and today, it has 130 employees.

Technical Bioenergy Crete owns a Biogas Plant for Electricity Production with installed capacity 500 Kw upgradable to 2 MW that is located in a total area of 15 acres at the Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete. The biogas plant was entirely designed and constructed by SYCHEM Group, applying cutting-edge technology at the most critical points of production process such as the collection and management of the incoming organic waste, the deodorization system, the reuse of produced heat energy and the innovative system for the biological treatment of the digestate effluent. The Plant aims to become a European pattern for the management and utilization of organic waste from slaughter houses, livestock and poultry factories, expired food etc. With an automatic process for collection and separation/ unpacking, odorless, the utilization of the total produced heat energy but also with the innovative wastewater treatment system, biogas plant is able to offer a pioneer, reliable, environmental friendly and cost efficient solution of managing difficult to treat organic wastes, integrated in an urban environment.

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ERM ENERGIES (more info at

ERM Energies has 10 years of experience in the production of integrated and autonomous power solutions based on renewable energies. Read more..

In 2013, ERM Energies launched its first design of containerized solar units. The objective was to make reliable and efficient power plants for both off-grid electrification and associated services (desalinization, potabilisation of water).

ERM has implemented its design successfully in several off-grid territories and continuously add new applications to its containerized system:

Solar PowerTainer (Offgrid power plant): 30 units deployed in Comores

Solar BackupTainer (Electrical grid Back-up): One unit deployed in Burkina Faso in 2017 (via Red Cross of Monaco)

Solar DesalTainer (Water desalination): 3 units deployed in Mauritania

Solar IceTainer (Ice production): Ongoing project in Mauritania

Solar ColdTainer (Solar Cold rooms): Early Design Stage

Solar PotabTainer (Water potabilisation): Early Design Stage

Solar FabTainer (Open fabrication and training workshop): Industrialisation Stage

We have an important experience in compact and integrated power plants based on renewable energies for offgrid sites and microgrids. We are seeking financial partners able to invest in green energy projects from 30k€ up to 1000k€.

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MILLS OF CRETE (more info at

MILLS OF CRETE is a company that commenced its flour milling operations in Souda Bay (Crete, Greece) in 1928. Company premises were totally destroyed in 1941, during World War II, and a new contemporary, at that time, plant commenced its operations on flour milling at the exact same place during 1953. Read more..

In 1975 the company commenced the production of animal feed in a new factory next to the flour mill, in order to address the needs of the stock breeders in Crete island. Until today the company has covered important course and development in the technological methods that are used and also in the qualitative improvement and the specialization in Animal Feed, that all emanate exclusively from pure plant raw material, not genetically modified. In 1995, in the same factory, a new line of production was installed aiming at improved Animal Feed, applying the revolutionary method of special thermic treatment, Expander. From 2001, the specialization in Animal Feed that would correspond in the needs of cattle-breeders of the island but also in the new reality that has been shaped, led the company to the production of Animal Feed emanating exclusively from raw material not genetically modified.  Raw materials are accompanied by corresponding certificates that fill specific terms, and are certified by the MAICH - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Chanias - and by the research laboratories of University Thessalonica.

Today, MILLS OF CRETE is among the biggest companies in Crete and the most important mills in Greece, with daily milling capacity of 450 tons of wheat and animal feed production capacity of 500 tons per day. It is among the first 5 mills in Greece. Processes wheat, barley, rye, oat, corn, carob. It has over 1.000 customers, over 450 SKUs. The modern techniques and technology used led to the production of a wide variety of flours for any usage that cover the current requirements of bread-making and pastry making. Today for the needs of professional customers are produced more from 300 types of flours. At the same time, the company's experts can develop with the customers, mixtures of flours exclusively for them.

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ABEA (more info at

Founded in 1889 in Crete. The oldest olive oil company in Greece. ABEA’s extra virgin olive oil has outstanding organoleptic and physic-chemical properties, thanks to the rich variety of the Cretan olive, plentiful sunshine and the island’s dry weather. Read more..

It is active in many areas of activity:

  • Bottling and trading of Cretan extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and olive pomace oil
  • Production and marketing of olive oil based cosmetics
  • Refining of olive oil and olive pomace oil.
  • Processing of olive oil cake for the production of crude olive pomace oil and pomace.

Our goal is to add value to olive oil by-products and to use them locally so as to minimize the use of resources, waste emissions and the use of energy.

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BIOXYM S.A. (more info at

The first juicing company in Greece founded in 1956. One of the few factories in the country that deal both with processing of citrus fruits and juices production. Read more..

BIOXYM S.A. receives fresh citrus like oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruit, etc from the fertile plain of Chania in Crete (Greece) and produces “Creta fresh” juices.

Cretan citrus provide excellent quality and authentic taste to the juices, as the particularity of the climate, warm weather almost all year round and close distance from the sea, gives distinctive advantages to crops. Our goal is to use byproducts of citrus and olive oil locally produced to minimize the use of resources waste emissions the use of energy.

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Vero Cretan

Vero Cretan (more info at

Brand “Vero Cretan” was established in 2002. It is the first goat milk introduced in Greece. It is the first branded goat yoghurt in Greece.

Graviera (hard cheese) won the 1st award in the World Cheese Awards in 2003 (London). Since 2014 the focus is on dairy products and mainly on strained and goat yoghurt. In 2017 it developed Vegan-lactose free drinks from oats. Our goal is to use locally produced row materials to minimize the use of resources waste emissions and the use of energy.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network (more info at

The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. Read more..

The Network is active in more than 60 countries worldwide. It brings together 3,000 experts from more than 600 member organisations – all renowned for their excellence in business support.

Member organisations include:

  • technology poles
  • innovation support organisations
  • universities and research institutes
  • regional development organisations
  • chambers of commerce and industry

Individual businesses can’t become Network members, but they can enjoy the many services offered.

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( comprises one of the largest chambers of commerce in Greece, and the largest independent networking and business support organisation in Crete. Representing the interests of 21.832 members from all sectors of the economy provides them with a wide range of practical and professional advisory services.

 However, what distinguishes HCCI is not its size but its extraordinary dynamism and the initiatives it takes in order to accomplish its two-fold role: to serve as a basic advisor and consultant to the government concerning commerce, industry and other relevant issues to economic development, and to encourage and support the private initiative to the greatest extent possible in order to promote the necessary conditions for the promotion of entrepreneurship. 

It is a public body established in 1918, it is a wholly autonomous, not-for-profit organization, receives no subsidy from any government body, it is financed entirely by its members’ contributions and fees and by community grants.

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Capenergies (more info at

Capenergies: The energy transition cluster. Capenergies’ goal is to promote sustainable business growth and job creation in the energy transition sector by supporting its members to deliver new ideas, products and services to market. Through its network of companies, research laboratories, universities, training centres and investors. Read more..

It fosters the development and commercialisation of solutions in 3 strategic areas:

- Sustainable low carbon energy production;

- Smart energy management;

- Energy efficiency.

The cluster’s activities encompass targeted support for the emergence of collaborative R&D projects with the capacity to shape emerging energy technology markets and the definition of business growth strategy.

Key figures:

•      3 founding members: CEA, EDF and the Corsican Economic Development Agency (ADEC);

•      More than 530 members;

•      1600 specialist energy partners;

•      More than 655 quality-certified projects;

•      380 funded projects for 483 M€ of assistance, with a total budget of about 1,4 billion €.


Capenergies is as an associate partner of SYNGGI Green Growth Community and a partner of Interreg MED project ESMARTCITY.

Capenergies supports two start-up Lumi’in (Speciality: solar street lights) and Atisys Concept (Specialities: studies, software, transducers systems).

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TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre (more info at

TECOS - Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre, is a public non-profit organisation, established on the initiative of Slovenian toolmakers by the Government of Slovenia, Municipality of Celje and Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in 1994. In the last 20 years TECOS become a visible player in knowledge-based society with a reputation as a leading research and innovation centre supporting Slovenian industry. Beside TECOS acts also as cluster organisation - connecting Slovenian toolmakers and production companies and represents their interests on national and international level.