DEDISA SA (more info at www.dedisa.gr)

DEDISA is a company founded in 1993. It is a factory of Mechanical Recycling and Composting as well as a landfill. The factory was upgraded in 2015. The facility is currently occupying 260 employees (10% scientific personnel). Read more..

DEDISA has recently been awarded in the 2nd International exhibition Verde Tec, from the president of the Greek Union of Municipalities as the “best unit of integrated solid waste management in Greece”. The nominal capacity of the DEDISA plant has now been increased by 30% and the new optical separation processes, have secured the dual goals of high-efficiency processing and outstanding output purity. DEDISA serves a population of 155,000 inhabitants, which represents around 25% of the island’s total population.

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REWARDING-RECYCLING (ΑΝΤΑΠΟΔΟΤΙΚΗ ΑΕ) (more info at www.antapodotiki.gr)

REWARDING RECYCLING is a national agency which develops through establishment and operation of the Rewarding Recycling Centers, consisting of cutting-edge equipment for ‘Sorting at Source’ empty packages.Read more..

Moreover, the Collective System implements specific actions for packaging materials recycling. REWARDING RECYCLING underpins its alternative management method on the Rewarding Recycling Centers, applying contemporary methods resulting in citizens’ wide participation. A Recycling Park is operating in Athens (Leoforos Dimokratias 61, Agioi Anargyroi).

REWARDING RECYCLING operates pursuant to Law 2939/2001 and concludes cooperation agreements with Local Government Organizations for alternative management programs’ implementation.

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MYTILINEOS (more info at www.mytilineos.gr)

A major business organisation operating in Greece and internationally, MYTILINEOS operates in the EPC and construction sectors through METKA, in the Metallurgy and Mining sector through Aluminium of Greece, and in the Energy sector through Protergia, with a turnover (2017) of over $ 2 billion and more than 2,900 direct and indirect employees. Read more..

The Company’s strong international presence in more than 30 countries establishes it as a global leader, as its exports to markets abroad account for more than 2% of total Greek exports, significantly benefiting the national economy and conveying a strong message to international investors for its commitment to continuous growth.

The history of MYTLINEOS goes back to the early 20th century. MYTILINEOS Group was founded in Greece in 1990, having evolved from an old family-run metallurgy business operating already since 1908. In 1995, MYTILINEOS was listed in the Athens Exchange and its share is today a constituent of the FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap Index tracking the top 25 companies ranked by market capitalisation.

In 2017, through an absorption-type merger, the parent company integrated its subsidiaries (Aluminum of Greece, METKA, PROTERGIA), transforming into a new single corporate entity, MYTILINEOS SA, thus enhancing its operational flexibility and further strengthening its market position and financing capabilities. With this new corporate structure, MYTILINEOS has successfully completed a crucial strategic step for the transition into a new era, as it has effectively shielded itself against the constantly changing conditions, affirming at the same time its prospects for further growth, in spite of the increasing competition in global markets.

Committed to the business strategy and to its vision for continuous evolution and development covering more than three decades, MYTILINEOS today stands out for its unique modern employment model, its active social profile, the innovative mechanisms it adopts for business growth, its strategic investments in state of the art solutions for the upgrade of its operations, and the successful consolidation of its presence in global markets.

At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, it constantly pursues continuous business excellence and the adoption of best practices, balancing business growth with social responsibility and the protection of the environment. For MYTILINEOS, Sustainable Development is synonymous to seeking business excellence with dedication to its vision and with respect for society, the environment, its people and its shareholders. The Company’s sustainability policy is founded on the harmonious coexistence of its business activities with the needs of the local communities where its operations are based. In this framework, MYTILINEOS is actively supporting major initiatives based on the global sustainability goals established by the United Nations.

Business Units

MYTILINEOS is a globally competitive player in the EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) projects sector. With the trading name of METKA, the MYTILINEOS EPC & Infrastructure Business Unit undertakes and implements turn-key energy projects, providing a complete range of engineering, procurement and construction services and successfully penetrating developing markets abroad, with projects under way simultaneously in the markets of Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, as one of Greece’s major exporters. From its establishment to this day, METKA has been constantly developing its know-how, human resources and production capacity. As a result, the company today ranks among the top global contractors for energy projects and is internationally recognised for its reliability, flexibility and ability to successfully carry out highly demanding projects in the energy sector. At the same time, the company is adapting its model for further growth, addressing its clients’ and society’s new needs, becoming actively involved in the shaping, financing and final form of the projects it undertakes, offering the high level of specialisation and the multifaceted expertise that have established it as one of the most competitive contractors globally.

MYTILINEOS is also a leader in the Metallurgy sector, with the trading name Aluminium of Greece – the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminium producer in the European Union and one of Greece’s healthiest growing industrial companies. The company’s international business activity, in cooperation with DELPHI-DISTOMON, is a driving force for the national economy as well as for the development of the country’s regional areas. Aluminium of Greece has completed 50 years in operation and 10 years of successful growth in Greece, with over €600 million of investments in the technological upgrade of its plant’s facilities and the improvement of output and productivity. This was one of the largest private investments carried out in Greece recently.

MYTILINEOS is also firmly established in the Electric Power market. The Power & Gas Trading Business Unit, where the Company operates through Protergia, brings under the same roof the management of all MYTILINEOS energy assets and activities. The Company today is among the private-sector leaders in the electric power market and the largest independent electricity producer in Greece, with a portfolio of energy assets totalling more than 1,200 MWh of installed capacity, which accounts for over 13.5% of the licensed thermal plant production capacity operation in the country. As a private producer of electricity with investments in high-tech power plants, Protergia has an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market and is constantly engaged in carrying out environment-friendly investments, thus contributing to the Greek economy and employment. Protergia is also active in the supply of electric power, providing electricity to businesses, professionals and households and aiming to meet the customers’ requirements for competitive prices and modern, reliable services. As of 2018, Protergia has exceeded 100,000 supplies. 

The company’s operations in the Energy sector are strengthened by the Natural Gas activity, which secures its supply with natural gas on competitive terms, thus enabling it to enhance the Company's energy profile and, at the same time, achieve remarkable organic growth. M&M Gas, a private joint business venture of MYTILINEOS and MOTOR OIL, active in the supply and trading of natural gas, is the company that effectively launched the liberalised Greek natural gas market, delivering the very first private liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo in Greece.

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TOMRA (more info at www.tomra.com)

TOMRA was founded in 1972 starting with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today, TOMRA continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for optimal resource productivity within two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending and material recovery) and Sorting Solutions (food, recycling, and mining). Read more..

Collection solutions. Approximately 82,000 systems installed in over 60 markets. 

Sorting solutions.

TOMRA Food is the leading provider of optical sorting and processing technology for the fresh and processed food industry. 8,230 sorting installations globally.

TOMRA Recycling is a global technology leader, pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the waste and metal recycling industries. Its flexible sorting systems perform an extensive range of sorting tasks and are able to both prepare and sort various types of metals and waste for either material recycling or energy recovery. 5,370 units across more than 40 markets.

TOMRA Mining provides a complete product portfolio for efficient material separation in various minerals and ore applications such as processing of industrial minerals, diamonds and gemstone recovery, and metal recovery from slag etc. 140 installations worldwide.

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ONFLOW p.c (more info at www.onflow.gr)

ONFLOW p.c. provides high quality products and services in the fields of pipeline modification, inspection, maintenance and repair. The company and belongs to the Multigas group of companies and is headquartered in Thessaloniki, strategically positioned to serve the Greek and all the neighboring Balkan markets. Read more..

Onflow’s aim is to correspond to the needs of the pipeline operators and contractors with high quality products and services, professionalism and customer oriented approach. The company is committed to offer top quality services only, by deploying its highly trained, certified and experienced personnel, while using products and equipment by the most recognized manufacturers in the world, always in line with the international standards and regulations.

Having innovation and environmental protection as its main orientations, Onflow, decided to work in the field of sewage treatment using non- conventional methods such as AOPS (Advance Oxidation Process) methods instead of conventional, which create a series of widely known problems (sludge, odors, non-treatment of micro-pollutants etc.). The company represents WaterSafe S.A., which owns a number of exclusive patents in electrolytic wastewater treatment, promoting innovative solutions for sewage treatment.

The aim of this new sector of the company is to solve the problem of sewage treatment particularly of waste that is difficult to manage, such as leachates, sewage from olives’ process, blood, live-stock waste, medicine, drugs and generally the micro-pollutants, whose treatment is mandatory by the EU legislation.

Onflow has a complete sewage treatment plant serving as a testing center, aiming at the further development of the method as well as a demonstration center for the interesting parties.

Multigas is one of the most active and expert pipeline contractors in the south-east European market. Multigas is constructing almost every kind of pipeline network, from fuel to wastewater utilities and from steam to fire fighting. The company is also constructing private HVAC systems and fuel installations. Based on the high quality services and technical expertise, Multigas has evolved to a partner of choice for all the regional pipeline owners, operators and major pipeline contractors. Since the year 2000, Multigas has built a significant part of the natural gas system of Greece, including transmission and distribution networks in steel and polyethylene pipes. Multigas’ extensive activities in the petroleum industry, include the construction of refineries’ piping networks, tank terminals’ loading systems as well as gas station installations. Driven by the experience gained over the Oil & Gas pipeline projects, the company is also undertaking the construction of water utilities and wastewater mains.

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HELECTOR S.A. (more info at www.helector.gr)

HELECTOR S.A. is the Waste Management arm of the ELLAKTOR Group. HELECTOR is the leader regarding Waste Management in the area of South Eastern Europe whereas its vertical development and expertise enables the company to provide solutions across the entire spectrum of the field of waste management (i.e. biological treatment, recycling, energy recovery from landfill biogas, leachate treatment plants etc.) and vertical activity (Designer - Manufacturer - Technology Provider - Operator - Investor). Read more..

The company is an undisputed leader in the waste management sector in Greece and Cyprus, while the company is very active in Germany.

HELECTOR is always involved with the most innovative tested technologies, so as to maintain its leadership and high specialization required and follow the constantly changing areas of energy technology and environmental protection. It is offering customized advanced solutions based in the requirements of the client, the needs of the region and the composition of waste to be treated.

The company offers integrated services in the following business sectors:

  • Waste management
  • Waste to Energy
  • Environmental construction

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ANAKEM SA (more info at www.anakem.gr)

ANAKEM SA (Central Macedonia Recycling System) is a Collective System of Alternative Waste Management operating in 8 regions and 19 counties. 33 recycling units are operating under its auspices, in the following counties: Read more..

Thessaloniki (9), Serres (3), Imathia (1), Pella (1), Pieria (1), Chalkidiki (2), Evros (2), Xanthi (2), Drama (1), Kavala (3), Rodopi (1), Florina (1), Kastoria (1), Achaia (1) Larissa (1), Lesvos (1), Chania (1), Kefallinia (1).

It collaborates with bodies and contractors from more than 800 public and private technical projects.

It is one of the first approved Collective Systems of alternative Management of Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste (ECDW) and serves as the responsible body for the management of ECDW in the areas of their reach, collaborating with ECDW managers (contractors of public/private projects) and transportation and temporary storage companies, for the efficient management, recycling and recovery of waste. ANAKEM supports public bodies and organizations (especially Municipal and Regional authorities) so as to prevent waste generation and illegal disposal and advise them on the procedures to be followed for the proper alternative management of their waste. The company monitors and tracks all data of ECDW alternative management and is conducting reports for the Hellenic Recycling Agency (EOAN).

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SALFO & Associates SA (more info at www.salfo.gr)

SALFO & Associates SA, was established in 1994 in Athens by professionals who, over the past twenty years, have distinguished themselves in the field of Technical Consulting Services both in Greece and abroad. Since the first years of our establishment, clients from the public and private sector have shown their preference and relied on us to be their partner in numerous complex and pioneering infrastructure projects, thus establishing SALFO as the leading engineering company in the Greek infrastructure market. Read more..

During the last decade, SALFO has strengthened its international presence, by establishing branch offices in Cyprus, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Eastern Europe. Since 2010 SALFO has significantly enriched its capabilities in architectural design and spatial planning by affiliating with the company Thymio Papayannis & Associates with more than 50 years of experience in this field of services.

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SEKA SA (more info at www.seka.com.gr)

SEKA SA was established back in 1961. Initially, bunkering operations were performed through the use of an anchored ‘mother’ vessel at the natural port of Kali Limenes at the southern tip of Crete. In 1966, SEKA completed the construction of the tank farm on the little island of Ag. Pavlos situated just a quarter of a mile from shore. The tank farm consists of six tanks, of aggregate capacity in excess of 31,000 metric tons. Read more..

SEKA has a continuous presence of half a century as an independent physical supplier in the market of bunkering for marine fuels. SEKA operates in the southeastern Mediterranean with bunkering ports at Piraeus, Agioi Theodoroi near Corinth and Kali Limenes in southern Crete, assuring prompt deliveries at any time.

Over the past few years, SEKA has executed an extensive investment program for the station’s complete maintenance; refurbishment and upgrade, aiming to reclaim its position as a major bunkering call in the Mediterranean. These investments consist of upgrades in the tank farm, piping and pumps capacity, notwithstanding the development of ancillary services (lubricants, water, garbage removal, provisions & stores). In March 2009, SEKA acquired its ISO 9001:2008 ‘Scope of Supply’ certification.

SEKA targets to become a full port call for vessels that will earn the recognition of the shipping community. Apart being merely a bunkering call, SEKA stations provide and/or arrange for the necessary range of agency services for a vessel. The full satisfaction of our clientele constitutes our priority over half century of operation of SEKA.


  • Bunkering
  • Lubricants
  • Agency Services

Recently, SEKA implemented an important “green project” in its premises, replacing its heating infrastructure with a high-tech biomass boiler of 1,2MW and is currently expanding its portfolio by investing in high- value Green Growth and Circular Economy projects.

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Antipollution SA (more info at antipollution.com)

Antipollution is one of the largest Waste Management companies in Greece and the Mediterranean region. Our company operates in all major Greek Ports and numerous private marinas & terminals, providing integrated environmental and tailor made solutions according to the needs of each port. Read more..

Antipollution was founded, in its present form, by the descendants of the first boat operators and stevedores operating in Piraeus Port, receiving and handling waste from ships in the 1940s. Ever since, we are on a constant expansion pace, acquiring modern equipment and providing our services on a 24/7 basis.

Our company's competitive edge lies on the expertise obtained throughout its years of operation, state of the art equipment and experienced personnel whilst we work in line with Environmental and Maritime regulations. At Antipollution we fully understand the importance and the impact upon the society of recycling, valorization and alternative management of Waste, following closely the new developments and practices currently applied in our sector internationally.

Above all Antipollution strives everyday to leave a mark for the generations to follow and a prosperous environmental inheritance.


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ETANAP SA SAMARIA (more info at www.etanap.gr/)

ETANAP SA SAMARIA is a multi-shareholder Greek company that bottles and trades the popular water SAMARIA drawn from springs near the village of Stylos in Chania region, Crete. Read more..

The Company has made significant investments in technological equipment and renovation of its premises. This has resulted in upgrading its services and increasing its production and sales points around Greece. The company has decided to invest in circular economy and renewable energy by creating two photovoltaic parks.

Since 2008 we upgraded our production lines and reused them to further extend their lifecycle for more than 10 years. In new buildings we are reusing parts from the old establishments.

We participate in recycling programs initiated by the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation. Our PCs are reused in schools of our area. We daily sterilize all product lines with chemicals so that they can be retrieved for reuse. We upgraded our sterilization production lines so that even the sterilizers can be retrieved and reused. We give value to items as a whole or parts of it and we extend product life while minimizing our energy imprint. We work according to the principles of sustainability and we are trying to instill these ideas in the next generations. Our target is: no material of value not to be recycled and no material to be disposed. All materials that we use have to be separated and recycled.

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Biostruction (more info at www.biostruction.com)

Biostruction (Energy Engineering) is the continuity of multi-year involvement of its shareholders and executives in the sectors of energy and construction. It operates across the full electromechanical applications range, specializing in renewable energy sources, having as main business the study, licensing, financing, construction and interconnection Renewable Energy Sources projects (in residential areas, industrial rooftops, fields etc.). Read more..

The company is also specialized in demanding geothermal, solar thermal, heating/cooling, water-supply and wastewater treatment installations.

The company’s provided solutions include technical and economic design/study, construction and supervision as well as proper maintenance and good operation of the facilities constructed. With a network of associates, Biostruction works throughout the Greek territory, in close monitor of plants’ implementation and operation.

The collaboration with the best known manufacturing industries and manufacturers worldwide, is enabling the company to design systems using the best and most reliable products, thus preserving the best performance/price ratio. Their wide experience and the highly trained and qualified personnel of the company can guarantee the most efficient and economical coverage of each client’s needs, makes it one of the most reliable solutions in the construction and energy sectors.

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Ferekarpos is implementing an investment at primary agricultural sector, which combines: Liquid and solid waste treatment from Olive tree cultivation with 100% circular economy, Renewal Energy, Food and Pharmaceuticals Sectors. Read more..

This will be the first integrated plant worldwide, for Olive Oil Mills waste water treatment with parallel utilization of olive tree cultivation byproducts. The plant is developed in a territory that is rich in high quality olive oil production (region of Crete holds 40% of Greek olive oil yearly production), and especially in Chania (municipality of Apokoronas).

Plant’s capabilities annually:

- Treatment of 200.000 m3 waste water

- Treatment of 170.000 tons of solid Olive Pomace

- Recovery > 8.000 tons Olive Oil

- Refine up to 15.000 tons Olive Oil, and recovery > 40 tons Scualane

- Recovery > 1.000 tons total polyphenols of which > 50 tons are Hydroxy – Tyrosol (HT) High recovery of Oleocanthal and Oleuoropein  

- Independent cosmetics’ production line up to 10.000.000 pieces

- Organic compost production > 100.000 tons

- Bottling up to 25.000.000 liters of Olive Oil in different bottles

- Bottling of 500.000 liters of liquid food supplements

- Renewal energy, basically from Hydrogen, > 5.000MWh/year

The aim is for Ferekarpos to become a Global market leader in the trade of Olive tree Polyphenols. The treatment method is protected by a registered at European Patent Office patent EP 2978544. The investment leads to high profitability and allows strategy geared towards enhancing operating performance.

The combination of the polyphenol extraction unit with an olive oil refinery, oil pomace process unit (repasso), distillery unit, compost unit, liquid food supplements lab is a “best practice” paradigm for circular economy investments.

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